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Whitening Soaps


Faiza Whitening Soap


Manufactured by A.M Cosmetics, Faiza is a skin care local brand. Its top selling product is Faiza No.1 Beauty Cream which is essential to remove pimples freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white...


Gipsy Whitening Soap


Gipsy is a local skin care famous brand manufactured by H & Sons Enterprises. Gipsy whitening soap specially formulated with help to thoroughly cleanse the skin while offering continuous moisture protection. Maintaining natural moisture balance,...

Golden Pearl

Golden Pearl Whitening Anti Acne Soap


We Wholesale Golden Pearl Products. Call/Email For Details. Golden Pearl is a famous local skin care brand manufactured by Golden Pearl Cosmetics. Overall the brand is gaining a lot success with its more products lined up like facials, scrubs, whitening...