Nutrifactor B-Complex B-50 (60 Tablets)

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  • Nutrifactor B-Complex B-50

نیوٹریفیکٹر بی کومپلیکس بی 50 (60 ٹیبلیٹس
نیوٹریفیکٹر بی کومپلیکس بی 50 ٹیبلیٹس میں وٹامن بی کی خاص خصوصیات ہیں جو جسم کو توانا اور مضبوط رکھنے میں اہم کردار ادا کرتی ہیں۔ یہ گولیاں نا صرف مضبوط جسم کی ضمانت ہیں بلکہ اِس سے آپ کے بال اور جلد بھی کافی اچھی رہتی ہے۔
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بڑے ایک گولی کھانے کے ساتھ لیں۔

Nutrifactor is a renowned Herbal Health brand focusses in indorsing immense collection of herbal therapies for problems ranging from sex dysfunction to general fitness. It is significant to take correct medications at the early level to astounded physical and sexual coupled problems while Nutrifactor helps you fight these problems.

Vitamin B Complex from Nutrifactor includes all essential B vitamins that play a truly remarkable role in the body, essential for helping to maintain all round health including hair and skin health, and a normal nervous system.

  • Dietary supplement
  • Romote energy metabolism & nervouse system health

Vitamin B Complex Overall Benefits:

  • Gives an extra nutritional boost
  • Improves immune system
  • Suitable for anemia

   Improves memory
   Suitable for  sleep disorders & depression
   Effective for healthy reproductive system for both males & females

Suitable for Everyone: Vitamin B complex suitable for everyone including Athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen, teenagers, students, office workers who are malnourished due to daily busy routine.

Dosage: For Adults, Take 1 tablet daily preferably with meal.

Country of Origin: Product fo USA

 60 Tablets

Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children

Package: Bottle

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    More energy

    Posted by Tayyaba on 20th May 2016

    Ever since I started taking this supplement, I felt more alive and full of energy in the mornings. I don't get as tired as I used to anymore.