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Sore Muscle Relief

Muscle aches can complicate every part of your day from completing work or chores around the house to resting comfortably at night. Your doctor can help you determine what's causing your muscle pain and discuss the methods of pain relief that will work best for you. If he or she recommends over-the-counter medications and home care, LiveWell.PK can help you stock up on everything you need. We have a large assortment of options available to soothe that soreness and help you feel better.

Moov Gel 25 Grams


Product Name: Moov Gel 25gProduct Form: GelPack Size: 25gmManufacturer: RECKITT BENCKISER PAKISTAN LTD Generic Category: NSAID Ingredients: Tarpin Oil, Oil of Wintergreen, Mint flowers Use: Back pain, joint pains,...

Movelat Cream 50 Grams


Product Name: MOVELAT Cream 50gmProduct Form: CreamPack Size: 50gmManufacturer: ATCO LABORATORIES (PVT) LTDGeneric Category: Analgesic Ingredients: Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate MS 0.2gm, Suprarenal Extract MS 1.0gm (=20 mg of Corticosteroids),...

Movelat Gel 50 Grams


Product Name: MOVELAT Gel 50gmProduct Form: GelPack Size: 50gmManufacturer: ATCO LABORATORIES (PVT) LTDGeneric Category: Analgesic  Indications: Movelat/Movelat Relief/Movelat Relief Sport is a mild to moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic...

Pro F Gel 5% 20 Grams


Product Name: Pro F Gel 5% 20gmProduct Form: GelPack Size: 20gmManufacturer: Opal Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.Therapeutic class: NSAID Generic Name: Flurbiprofen Indications: Treating pain and swelling due to strains, sprains, backache or...