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Migraine Relief

Migraine headaches can be truly debilitating, leaving you unable to perform even basic tasks. When you suffer migraines frequently, the condition can greatly interfere with your daily life, but the good news is that many migraine sufferers are able to control their symptoms with over-the-counter products taken under the supervision of a doctor. At LiveWell.PK, we have all of the migraine pain relief products frequently recommended by physicians, so you can stock up on the products you need to reach for when migraines strike.

Alidase 500MG 20 Tablets


Product Name: Alidase Tab 500mg 20'sProduct Form:Tablet Pack Size: 1x20'sManufacturer: Pharmaplex Therapeutic class: NSAIDGeneric name: Naproxen Indications: (Naproxen) is indicated for the treatment of inflammation, pain & stiffness in,...