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Actifiber 150 Grams


Product Name: Actifiber Jar 150gmProduct Form: PowderPack Size: 150gmManufacturer: Novamed HealthcareGeneric Category: Herbal Ingredients: Wheat Dextrin, Green tea Extract Features:   "Actifiber is an easy to use fiber supplement made from...

Actifiber Plain Sachet 10's


Product Name: Actifiber Plain Sachet10'sProduct Form: PowderPack Size: 10'sManufacturer: Novamed HealthcareGeneric Category: HerbalIngredients: Wheat Dextrin, Green tea Extract Features: "Actifiber is an easy to use fiber supplement made from 100...

Cuf-Clear Syrup 120 ML


Product Name: Cuf-Clear Syp 120mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 120mlManufacturer: Global PharmaTherapeutic class: Anti-TussiveGeneric name: Herbal Preparation Indications:  Cough relieving liquifies and removes mucus Improves...

Dr.Koff Cough Syp 60ml


Product Name: Dr.Koff Cough Syp 60mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 60ml Manufacturer: HIMONT PHARMA (PVT) LTDGeneric Category: Cough Suppressant Indications: Provides prompt relief in all kinds of cough, cold and influenza.D-Koff Expectorant...


Hamdard Neo Carmina 75 Tablets


Hamdard is a renowned local brand manufacturing large number of products ranging from health, skin, body and dietary. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan is the official company name. A combination of Cuminum cyminum (Zirah Safiad) Piper nigrum Linn...


Herbyzone Moringa Oil


Moringa oil is extracted from Moringa seeds and it is rich source of Vitamins, Antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, it also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent for skin benefits. Moringa Oil...


Herbyzone Moringa Tea 20 Teabags

Rs350.00 Rs315.00

What is Moringa Tea? Moringa is most nutritious Plant which has variety of essential Nutrients like Vitamins, Protein, Calcium, iron amino Acids and help to maintain your good nutrition support and get healthy. Herbyzone Moringa Tea is...


Herbyzone Stevo Sugar 100 gm


Stevia is a white sugar substitute from plants source. It is a natural sweetener which has almost no calories. The active compound of Stevia plant is steviol glucoside and is about 30 times stronger as a sweetener than conventional sugar. It does not...

Meltus Syrup 120 ML


Product Name: Meltus Syp 120mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 120mlManufacturer: Pharmatec (Pvt) LtdGeneric Category: Cough SupressantIngredients: 35mg Ivy leaf extract Indications:  Cough relieving liquifies and...

Naturelief Tube 25 Grams


Product Name: Naturelief Tube 25gmProduct Form: OintmentPack Size: 25gmManufacturer: Novamed HealthcareGeneric Category: HerbalIngredients: Wintergreen Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Camphor Oil Features: "NATURELIEF is a specialized natural heat pain...