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Qarshi Ahmareen 225 ML


The best summer tonic effective for heart, brain, liver and general weakness. The human body is exhausted by the hard daily routines and one feels weakness. Our Research and Development Cell has prepared a tonic, Ahmareen to impart vigour to exhausted...


Qarshi Arq Mako 800 ML


Effective in relieving the inflammation of liver, stomach, intestines, spleen and uterus. Relieves excessive heat of body and is effective as a diuretic. Useful in dropsy and liver diseases.Excellent medicine for treatment of inflammation. Solanum nigrum...


Qarshi Arq-e-Gulab 120 ML


For beautiful, glowing skin. Also effective for irritation, redness and inflammation of eye. Mild laxative for infants.Arq-e-Gulab keeps the face fresh with the bloom of youthfulness. It cures almost all the diseases of the eyes such as burning...


Qarshi Asphaton 40 Tablets


اسفاٹون گولیاں حس بڑھ جانے کی وجہ سے جریان، کثرتِ احتلام، رقت منی اور سرعتِ انزال جیسے امراض پیدا ہو جاتے ہیں۔ اسفاٹون حِس کو اعتدال پر لاتی ہیں اور ان امراض کے علاج میں معاون ہیں۔ اجزائے مرکب:...


Qarshi Fauladi Tonic 120 ML


An excellent tonic for blood deficiency and general weakness. Strengthens the nerves, effective in liver disorders and anaemia. Tonic for growing children.Fauladi Toinc is the compound of such components that are well-known for redressing the liver and...


Qarshi Hab Azaraqi 30 Tablets


Useful for neuromuscular pains, paralysis, tremor and polio. Improves the functioning of digestive system.Effective medicine for treatment of paralysis, tremor, neuromascular pains and polio. Strychnos nuxvomica is therapeutically recognized for...


Qarshi Hayateen


Effective in neuromuscular weakness, Effective remedy for rheumatic, Muscular pains, facial paralysis, tremor and polio. Rectifies physical weakness. Useful in low blood pressure.Effective tonic for nervine weakness and low blood pressure. Strychnos...


Qarshi Lecodine 50 Tablets


Leucorrhoea is one of the diseases peculiar to women. It is very troublesome disease which adversely affects the female beauty and elegance and causes the gradual decline of health. The patient is unable to show interest in her routine work. She feels...


Qarshi Majoon Azaraki 100 Grams


Effective for nervine weakness and neuromuscular pain. Useful in paralysis, tremors and rheumatic pain. Regulates the digestive system.Effective herbal preparation for strengthening nerves and muscles. Useful in rheumatic complaints.Dosage: For children...


Qarshi Majoon Najah 100 Grams


Effective in melancholic diseases. Relieves psychosis, anxiety and amnesia. Effective in insanity and epilepsy.Excellent herbal preparation of. Polipodium vulgare, Brunella valgaris and Lpomea turphethum for the treatment of psychosis, anxiety and...


Qarshi Musaffeen Syrup 120 ML


An excellent herbal preparation for blood purification, give natural glow to the skin and face. Relieves skin rashes, pimples, prickles and boils due to blood disorders.Musaffeen is a unique compound of blood purifying natural herbs. The impurification...


Qarshi Sharbat Faulad 225 ML


Sharbat Faulad of Qarshi is a compound of fine quality iron and other components which provide energy to nerves and stomach. It is well known tonic of Unani and Ayurvedic System of Medicine which increases the production of blood by improving the...

The Vitamin Company

The Vitamin Company Vitamin E 400 30 SoftGel


وٹامن ای۔ 400ڈھلتی عمر کے اثرات زائل کرنے اور سَدا بَہار جوان زندگی کیلئےوٹامن ای۔ 400 بہترین اینٹی آکسیڈنٹ ہے جس میں بڑھتی عمر کے اثرات کو زائل کرنے اور جوانی کو دیر تک برقرار رکھنے کی بہترین صلاحیتیں موجود ہیں۔ بڑھاپے کی علامات اور کمزوری کی بنیادی وجہ...