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Digestive Health

Stomach problems can strike at any time due to illnesses, the foods you eat, stress and many other causes. No matter what triggers indigestion, diarrhea, constipation or nausea, you want to get relief from your symptoms fast. With digestion and nausea medications from LiveWell.PK, you can take action when routine digestive symptoms strike and get back to feeling your best. We make it easy to stock up on the digestive medications and supplements that your doctor recommends with our extensive selection of products.

Digas Colic Drops 20 ML


Product Name: Digas Colic Drops 20mlProduct Form: DropsPack Size: 20mlManufacturer: Medics Therpeutic Class: Antacid with Anti-flatulant Generic Name: simethicone Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place. Package: Bottle Key...

Kleenlac Syrup 120 ML


Product Name: Kleenlac Syp 120mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 120mlManufacturer: Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt) ltdTherapeutic Class: LAXATIVES, Constipation TreatmentIngredients: Each 5ml contains: Lactulose 3.35g,  Lactose 0.30g,  Galactose...

Libs 20 Capsules


Product Name: Libs Cap 20'sProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 20'sManufacturer: Genetics PharmaceuticalsGeneric Category: Anti-DiarrhealIngredients: Probiotics Indications:This medication is used to treat...

Tavalose Syrup 120 ML


Product Name: Tavalose Syp 3.35g/5ml 120mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 120mlManufacturer: High Q PHARMACEUTICALSTherapeutic Class: LaxativesGeneric NAME: Lactulose Indications: IT IS USED to treat constipation. It may help to...

Werilax Syrup 120 ML


Product Name: Werilax Syp 3.35mg/5ml 120mlProduct Form: SyrupPack Size: 120mlManufacturer: Werrick PharmaceuticalsTherapeutic Class: Constipation Treatment, LAXATIVESGeneric name: Lactulose Indications: IT IS USED to...