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Beaver Professional

Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum 50ml

Rs2,650.00 Rs2,520.00

It’s not just your car’s engine that needs oil to keep it running smoothly with all it endures on a daily basis, your hair could do with some too.  Function: Keep your strands feeling smooth and manageable with just a small amount of...


Dikson Setamyl 12 ML


Ideal supplement of alkaline treatments. It protects and soothes sensible skin. You can use it to both regenerate very treated hair and to rebalance it after aggressive chemical treatments. Directions: Apply to hair before, during and after chemical...


Hemani Argan Hair Serum 100 ML


Hemani Argan Hair Serum that cuts styling time in half while providing superior smoothness, manageability, and natural movement.This hair serum offers superior smoothness, eliminates frizz, provides natural movement, leaves hair manageable, and is faster...