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Acne Treatments

Nutrifactor Gluta Glime 30 Tablets


Nutrifactor Gluta Glime 30 Tablets

Rs4,500.00 Rs3,825.00

اینٹی آکسیڈنٹ سپورٹ مہیا کرنے میں مفید جلد کو بے داغ اور ترو تازہ بنانے میں مددگار جگر کی صحت بہتر بنانے میں مددگار Helps promote collagen production. Plays role in overall skin health. Provides maximum antioxidant support. Helps eliminate toxins...

Stay Teen

Stay Teen Acne Facial Kit


Stay Teen Acne Facial Pack Includes:  1 x Stay Teen Gentle Neem Face Wash 150 ML 1 x Stay Teen Whitening Cleanser and Makeup Remover 150 ML 1 x Stay Teen Whitening Facial Skin Polisher 150 ML 1 x Stay Teen Whitening Massage...


Nutrifactor Essential Oils Organic Tea Tree Oil 30ml

Rs1,190.00 Rs1,070.00

ایکنی کم کرنے میں مدد گار داغ دھبے کم کرنے میں مؤثر سکن پر بیکٹیریا اور فنگس کی گروتھ کم کرنے میں مددگار Natural antiseptic, clarifying and purifying facial oil. Suitable for blemished and oily skin. Effective for acne prone skin. Feels...


Biocos Neem Soap


Acne remover. Naturally derived ingredients to keep your skin. Oil of neem , which contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions Includes Essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. Easily...


Elmore Cleansing Milk 150 Ml


It is a gentle formula, designed to cleanse the skin softly. It is enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera, that keeps the skin soft & supple,gently removes all dirt & impurities. great as a makeup remover/cleanser. Free from soap and other harsh...